Why every guitarist should own at least one Ibanez Prestige…

Precision. Performance. Playability.

Ibanez Prestige…

The name of the line just sounds cool doesn’t it? You should expect nothing less from one of the longest lasting guitar manufacturers around.

Things to know

The Prestige line of Ibanez can be thought of very similar to the Fender American Standards in terms of hierarchy, being their highest quality, non-custom shop guitars available to the commercial consumer they have to offer. As of 2004, most of the models to date are all made in Ibanez’ top factory in Japan, which is a very good thing for you as a buyer as they have a very awesome quality control team.

Being these guitars are meant for the working class musician in terms of quality and construction you can expect to get a very useful, very awesome, Ibanez Prestige hard shell guitar case to protect your investment, a Prestige manual to learn about your instrument, and a very cool Ibanez tool kit so you can make any adjustments you need to!


Utility and Practicality

Anyone knows, with enough will alone, you can make some very good music, but we all recognize certain guitars offer a more universal platform than others, with Ibanez being on par with Fender in terms of versatility. From pop rock to rhythm and blues, rock and roll to heavy metal, Ibanez is well known for providing the tools to cater to any genre, and the Prestige series is the line you want if you’re the no non-sense musician who is looking for a solid workhorse that’s built to work.

The luthiers take special care and pay close attention to the Jumbo fretsallowing players to fly across the neck with ease or bend those notes into oblivion.

Professional quality, affordable price, and the famed Wizard necks. Let’s not even mention how many outstanding guitarists back the name. Whether you’re testing the waters and trying Ibanez for the first time, or finally moving up and making an upgrade, there’s never a bad time to add an Ibanez Prestige to your arsenal!

If this article wasn’t meaty enough for you, you can read more about the Prestige line from Ibanez’ website by clicking here! 

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