OwnHammer 412 MES-ST V60 – Impulse Response – Free Demo

First Impressions

In this article we’re giving these free IR’s from OwnHammer a try.

I’ve gotta say, I was immediately impressed.

If you don’t know much about IR’s or want to learn more click here to check out our article discussing the details! 

“It’s a science”

Being able to dial in a good tone quickly is always a good thing, but when you consider the diversity and options you have when you’re working with so many different microphones the good tones come so much easier.


From the beginning of the process in the lab to the details on the website, OwnHammer cuts no corners in presenting quality IR’s with the information you need to know about what you’re working with, and then some. Making this free demo the perfect candidate for those just learning about Impulse Responses. At their website you can read more than enough to wrap your head around, to supplement your existing knowledge or to start learning!

Personally, I use these IR’s mainly for heavy – distorted guitar tones, but you can experiment with other tones as well, they sounded awesome for my clean preset as well but they stand out very well with heavy rhythms. There’s not too much to discuss about IR’s beyond knowing what they are, what they do, and when to use them. Even when you can find plenty of references online it’s always going to come down to what sounds best to YOU.

Listen to that “toan”

Click the SoundCloud player below to hear us demonstrate the IR’s in the audio sample below.

For those of you interested, here are the details for the method of tracking:

The signal for this demo is one take tracked via 1/4″ Stereo out on the Line 6 Helix. The last two mono tracks are the left signal only

First: Clean DI (Stereo)

Second: Line 6 4×12 Cali V30 57 Dyn & 414 Cond (Stereo)

Third: OwnHammer 4×12 Mesa v60 57 Dyn & 414 Cond; exact IR’s used; OH 412 MES-ST V60 57-03 and OH 412 MES-ST V60 414-00 (Stereo)

Then demonstrated with drums;

First Line 6 4×12 Cali V30 57 Dyn & 414 Cond (Stereo)

Then the same signal played back LIGHTLY EQ’d (Stereo)

OwnHammer 4×12 Mesa v60 57 Dyn & 414 Cond (Stereo)

Then the same signal played back LIGHTLY EQ’d (Stereo)

and lastly both wet signals in mono left.

We definitely recommend checking out OwnHammer’s website if you haven’t already and make sure to read up on IR’s on our website!

Thanks for listening and don’t forget to share, follow, and keep up for more!

Gear Used;

Line 6 Helix – Guitar PAD ON

Ibanez RG752AHM-NGB – A Standard – DiMarzio PAF 7’s

OwnHammer 412 MES-ST V60 Free Demo

Click here to download the IR’s from OwnHammer’s website!

Also, if you happen to use the Line 6 Helix we’ve uploaded the presets used in the audio demo if you liked what you heard! Just click here to download them and make sure you’ve downloaded and properly loaded the IR’s into your Helix first! 

OwnHammer IR’s are designed to work perfectly with:

  • Atomic Amplifire
  • Fractal Audio Systems hardware/software
  • Kemper Profiling Amp
  • Line 6 Helix
  • Logidy EPSi
  • Two Notes hardware
  • Yamaha THR100HD/THR100H

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