EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

Good things come in compact pedals

We finally got our hands on some sweet EarthQuaker Device goodness! The “Dispatch Master“, quality reverb and delay effects in one compact pedal.

Great for musicians looking for a simpleyet effective solution, who feel they might not use all the different effects in a stomp box or advanced functions.


Initially we were very impressed to hear the lush cavernous depth of the reverb and the impressive digital delay. Being that I like dialing in ambient tones with either lots of reverb or using delay, sometimes both. The Dispatch Master very easily earned it’s place on my pedalboard with the reverb alone being a solid go-to effect that can be dialed to a subtle touch for lead or a dramatic setting for an over the top ambient tone.

Click here to read more about the pedal from the team themselves!

We tried the Dispatch Master out with KORG’s SDD-3000 delay pedal and have included the audio below!

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