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Since its inception, Avid’s Eleven Rack has made its mark in the industry as being a simple and effective all in one solution for musicians of all levels and styles. The utilitarian and practical design allows great access and ease of use for any musician.

Whether you’re recording at home or gigging on the road, the Eleven Rack easily earns its keep seamlessly performing as an amp modeler, multi-effects unit, and recording interface. Right out of the box you can use this unit to record, practice, or perform.

Built to work

With 104 banks that you can save your presets to and more than 15 different amp models and more than 20 different effects, this unit will cater to any tonal objective you’re trying to reach – and save it for later too. Did we mention you can share presets online? Upload your favorite presets or download others to test new territory!

In this day and age, with technology advancing so much in such little time, there are plenty of amp modelers, plug-ins, software, and more – just one click or card swipe away – but the Eleven Rack remains relevant in its price range and class. You may be wooed by all the ins and outs and recording capabilities of more expensive modelers, but this unit offers many if not all of the options of its competitors;

  • USB Recording Interface
  • Stereo Effects Loop
  • Mic In w/48v Phantom Power
  • Built-In Tuner
  • Optional Editor Software(connect via USB to easily create presets on your computer) 
  • MIDI capabilities and many more useful features!


Like puzzle pieces 

Avid designed this unit with 3rd party integration in mind, so whether you want to use real pedals or a piece of hardware that loads Impulse Responses, just plug in to the Effects Loop in the back and you’re ready to jam. You can even integrate the Eleven Rack with your amplifier via “Four Cable Method” as long as your amp has an Effects Loop. Features like the Effects Loop have become standard for a lot of modern musicians so if you use it or you don’t, it’s better to have and not use than not have and go without!

I try to not be bias in these articles for obvious reasons, but I definitely recommend this unit to anyone who is starting out or in the early stages of building their rig or trying to record their own music at home. For the price point, it’s an excellent entry to at home recording that gives you; usable tones, an interface, and access to an awesome industry standard DAW right out of the box. We can all argue that there’s several ways around starting an at home set up or taking the next step from your first rig, but the point here is that you can accomplish so much with this one unit it’s almost a no brainer. I used an Eleven Rack for a couple years before I could afford nicer equipment and it allowed me to really focus on my music and get intimate with the DAW for the first time while saving me the trouble and expense of trying out every other new amp sim plug-in out there, which are cool, but not the best solution for someone looking to make one purchase and plug and play after.

So that is our take on Avid’s Eleven Rack! As always, thank you so much for reading, I hope this has been informative and insightful and peaked your interest! Make sure to share this article with your friends and check out more content! Click the following link to purchase the Eleven Rack from the awesome team at Zzounds!–3858995/item–AVDELEVENRACKPTS

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