Keeping it clean

For over 50 years Vox Amplification has been carefully crafting some of the brightest sounding amps available. The AC15C2 is no exception, the trademark Vox design, the few but essential knobs, and the all tube power pushing the two 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback speakers, there’s no mistaking the quality in these units.


If you’re interested in this amp for the renowned “chimey” cleans then let this be the confirmation. With two awesome channels you can dial in those classic Vox tones through the “Normal” guitar input or go all in and use the “Top Boost” to place you at the perfect point to either send your signal into overdrive for a distorted rock tone or add high end to the already chimey, clean tone. Tip! Use the Master Volume control to get the perfect level of gain staging!

Now let’s discuss what’s breathing life into this beast of an amplifier! There’s three 12AX7 dual tiode vacuum tubes in the preamp stage and two EL84 pentode tubes in the power stage pushing the two 12″ Celestion G12M Greenback speakers we mentioned earlier. If you’re used to solid state amplifiers, “15 watts”, might not sound so good to you, but don’t be misled, the tube wattage is perfect for a smaller venue or gig.

Note: The tone controls on the TOP BOOST channel are very interactive, eg increasing the level of the TREBLE control will cut the BASS level. It is best to begin with the Tone controls at 12 o’clock and experiment to find your unique tone. 


Well… “Depth”, and “Speed” rather.

Built right in to this awesome amp already is a very cool tremolo effect that has two correlating control knobs as mentioned above – Depth and Speed. If you’re not familiar with tremolo effects already, the simplest way to explain it is like someone, control, automation, or program turning the master volume up and down.


Depth: Controls the intensity of the Tremolo effect.

        Speed: Controls the tempo or rate of the Tremolo effect.

Spring time 

Well… she’s no “Spring Chicken”, weighing in at 66 pounds, but the beautiful Spring Reverb more than makes up for that. By turning the Reverb level up past 12 0’clock you can easily immerse yourself in a deep, rich, ambient space or roll the knob before 12 0’clock – to preference – for a soft natural blend.


Funky Fact y’all: Spring Reverbs are typically kept in metal casing, called the reverb pan connected to the bottom of the amplifier and they work by; taking you audio signal from one end of the spring, which then a transducer converts the motion in the spring into electrical signal, which is added to the dry signal, when the signal gets to the end of a spring, part of the energy 

So! If you’re really interested in this amp then I highly, very highly, recommend getting your hands on one of these units first if you can to hear in person and decide if this suits your needs of if you need the additional wattage of the AC30 to really send you into tonal bliss. Thanks for reading, and until next time! Click the following link to purchase this awesome amp!–3858995/item–VOXAC15C2

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