Say DSP!

In this article we’ll be discussing how to utilize the “Snapshot” function in the Line 6 Helix.

The Snapshot function is essentially a preset within a preset, allowing you to recall designated parameters of the various effect blocks currently within your preset. Things like; effect bypass, gain level, volume level, amp EQ levels, control your Line 6 Variax guitar, and control seemingly any other parameter available to any effect block. I would think the only thing the unit can’t do is make effect blocks disappear completely or add in new effect blocks and take them away per each snapshot, which is why you figure a way to load in all the blocks you would need for your tone and use the snapshot function to bypass what effects you don’t need on at the time, allowing you to seamlessly switch between tones without changing presets. 

To start you have a total of 8 snapshots that allow the Helix to memorize every effect block and parameter within that effect block, even the settings of the input, output, and signal splits. Depending on how your unit is set up you can either have all 8 available immediately or choose from a couple different variations of how your can display and access snapshots, effect blocks, or presets.

Snapshots work for you!!

If you’re asking yourself, ” why not just change presets?” or thinking, ” well that’s nice but I don’t think I’ll use that.”

I’ll give you a couple moments to collect yourself, before I correct… yourself.

Let’s say you play in a cover band, one guitarist, but you have a song that requires a harmony. Instead of having to change presets or manually change parameters you can simple switch snapshots to either change the key of the harmonizer effect or bypass it completely!

Don’t use harmonies? If you load a clean amp and a high gain amp in the same preset you can have one on while the other is off and control the two via snapshots to change between blistering distortion or shimmering cleans.

Developers have confirmed that there is a small, unavoidable, latency when switching presets, hence the inception of Snapshots. Using this function allows you to cleanly switch between tones and effects without that issue. Take note though, if you’re using effect blocks that consume a high amount of DSP with “Trails” ON, in earlier firmware toggling the effect can produce the same latency or undesired effect similar to switching presets. If you’ve soaked up all of this information and you’re ready to make the jump and start using snapshots please make sure you’ve read our article on “how to optimize your Line 6 Helix” to learn how to set up your Helix for optimum performance and see how to get your unit ready for use with Snapshots.

As much as snapshots can do for you there isn’t much more to elaborate on past the general function! So what are you waiting for? Go make your preset to end all presets! I hope this has been insightful and peaked your interest to at least try the function! Thanks so much for reading, make sure to share with your friends and until next time fellow Gear Snobs!

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