one knob to rule them all…

Well… there’s four of them, but one of the first things you may notice is the “Drive” knob,  circuit that gives more than 22 decibels to the input signal and the wet signal.

With the knob rolled back you get a slight boost, moving it around 12 o’clock position begins to present some definition in the boost with the tonal color of the pedal changing as you raise the knob, becoming more “punchy” and mid-ranged. The utility of this function alone makes the pedal stand out and really shine in specific applications.

(the pedal also came with a 9v battery not pictured)

“Bucket Brigade Time Repeater”

If you’re browsing the market for a new addition to your rig and you’ve found yourself looking into this pedal, you may know the details already, but allow us to provide some exposition for any new comers.

The term “Bucket Brigade” is used to describe a line of people passing a buckets, to the next person over until it reaches the end of the line. So essentially the bucket being your signal, passed to each person in whatever time signature or rate you’ve selectedwith the delay repeating for as many “persons” are in the line, which is controlled by the “Feedback” knob.


Now that we’ve provided a bit of insight as to how to understand the pedal also note it’s “analog” origin, analog delay pedals produce swelling delays that can either be bright, or dark(if not having the option of both), with the MF Delay birthing rich, dark, swells, deep enough to get lost in for days. If you still feel like pushing some sonic boundaries, turn the feedback knob past 2 o’clock for an assault of infinite repeats, or just plug in an expression pedal and control how much feedback you want and “when”.

final note…

Given the facts mentioned above, this pedal might not be the final destination of a musician that’s new to experimenting with effects and trying to find their sound, but for a seasoned player that knows what they’re looking for… the MF Delay is an all work-no play unit that’s built with the every day tone connoisseur in mind. This pedal is a great, affordable option for players that need rich, vintage like delay without a vintage like price tag. I hope this article has peaked your interest into what this pedal can do for you! Make sure to share this with friends and until next time fellow Gear Snobs! Click the following link to purchase this awesome pedal from the team at zZounds!–3858995/item–MOOMFDELAY2


Here’s an audio clip demonstrating the MOOG MF Delay pedal.

The first measure played is dry signal with no effects, then we’ve decided to demonstrate the 4 settings included on the instructional pamphlet.

First we repeat the audio with the settings, “Wash”, then “Long Art” which, the looped audio didn’t mesh well with so we went back and noodled with the settings at the end. Driven Hall may sound like there’s not much going on delay wise, and that’s because the mix knob is almost all the way down.

Finally we demonstrate the audio through the settings, “Tile Room” before putting some drums in the loop and using some settings we dialed in ourselves.

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