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In our never ending quest to find as many awesome effects as we can and learn how to use them we’ve stumbled across the Rotary effects that Line 6 developed for their Helix units!

If you’ve ever heard the popular tune “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden you’ve heard the sound of a Leslie speaker that creates an awesome, watery effect.

We went ahead and put the Helix through its paces and tried out the classic riff through the 3 rotary effects blocks in the Helix;

Vibe Rotary – based on the Fender Vibratone

122 Rotary – based on the Leslie 122

145 Rotary – based on the Leslie 145

In this audio demo we’re demonstrating the three Rotary effect blocks the Line 6 Helix currently has to offer! The first loop is our dry signal with no effects enabled, then we use the “Vibe Rotary” – based on the Fender Vibration, then the “122 Rotary” – based on the Leslie 122, finally the “145 Rotary” – based on the Leslie 145. After 1:11 we mess around with various setting across all three effects in the last minutes.

Need some protection for your unit! Check out some cases below just click the images!

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