“A diverse Tape Echo/Delay effect, expertly tuned for the modern age for use in multiple genres.”

In this article we’re very excited to try the new JST SOAR Tape Delay plugin, the latest delay effect from Joey Sturgis Tones; a company launched by the renowned producer himself with a modern approach to plugins that satisfies all your niche “Gear Snobbish” needs, designed to give the user total control of their tone, bringing a high quality, highly sought after effect, into your home studio for a fraction of what a real “tape delay” device would cost; saving you the time hunting, hundreds extra in cash, and the hassle of having to actually maintain the unit.

all those bells and whistles

I was immediately in love when I saw just how many different parameters you can adjust! Being that you have so much control over the effect, as always, it’s critical when working with new plugins that you know and understand what each function does. Let’s break down how to use this amazing tool for any of you who want to know the specifics!

Repeats knob controls the repeat intensity in the delay, similar to a “feedback knob” but acts more like a delay accumulation intensity knob in SOAR

Age knob controls the age of the tape, from 0-30 years; older tape has less higher frequencies, faster decay, and less transients.

The Health knob controls the overall “health” of the “machine”, the less healthy the machine the more non linearities are introduced – combine this with the age knob to make genre specific effects.

Flutter knob adjusts the mechanical error of the effect – dial this in high when working with “unhealthy” settings.

Contour knob allows you to bypass the accumulation of lower frequencies that can often clutter a mix – that we definitely made fine use of in the audio demo below! 

Speed switch controls the (IPS)inches per second of the machine, its affects all non-linearities introduced by tape age, health, ad flutter 

The Head select slider allows you to select the head configuration of the unit the delay –

Head 1 is a 16th note delay

Head 2 is 8th note delay

Head 3 is a quarter note delay

the options “1/2”, “2/3”, and “3/1” are actually dual configurations of the different heads,

so given the information above;

option 1/2 is 8th and 16th note delay,

2/3 is quarter and dotted 8th note,

and 3/1 is 16th and quarter note delays

JST SOAR 2.png

Notable features; 

  • True Analog Tape Modeled Processing
  • Use Tap Tempo or Host Sync Tempo to keep in time with your project or DAW
  • Feedback switch that allows you to bypass natural tape source accumulation
  • Wide Stereo or Mono functionality with intuitive mix knob 
  • Built-in Tutorial Mode and Control Definition

NOTE: SOAR will operate in any DAW compatible with the following plugin formats; 

  • VST
  • VST3
  • AAX
  • AudioUnit

SOAR supports both 32 and 64 bit operation. 

Head over to JoeySturgisTones.com to buy this awesome plugin today!

We’ve included a short audio sample of the plugin in the context of a song with more details in the description on our SoundCloud!

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