“Vintage Guitar Compression”

Compression is a very common effect in practice at professional recording studios, home studios, and great for live applications as well. Keeley Electronics has cut no corners in delivering this quality Vintage Guitar Compression in the economic, compact footprint of this beautiful – glittery silver guitar pedal, yes, I just called a guitar pedal beautiful, I like glitter/sparkle finishes what can I say?

keeping you audible in the mix

Whether you’ve heard about the practical uses of compression before or not, this unit stays true to the quote, “It is a true audiophile and studio grade compressor with an exotic rack mount quality in a stomp box form.” From soaring leads with natural sustain, practical settings for general use so you can keep the pedal always on, to genre specific effects like single coil twang, this pedal has you covered.


know your tone

Sustain: Control the Compression Ratio or increase your sustain.  This is actually the main control of the compressor effect, that will either limit or “squash” your signal the harder you play. When you play softly it will boost your signal creating sustain. Note that high sustain settings usually lead to noise, especially when you stop playing and the compressor tries to amplify no input. 

Level: Determines the output volume.

Attack: Adjust how fast the compressor recovers from large inputs(louder notes) or fast picking. Increase this parameter to help anyone with high output devices where the compressor might limit humbuckers a bit too much or if you’d like a punchier sound from your guitar. A simple general rule to start with is single coil players usually turn the knob all the way down for a slower recovery and players with humbucker pickups or other high output instruments sound more natural with the Attack all the way up. 

Clipping: This limits the input to the compressor circuit. Leave it all the way up unless you know what you’re trying to achieve. If the pedal starts to distort because of the levels you might want to reduce the Clipping control. 


Here at Gear Snobs we try to not only review as much cool gear as possible but we also try and keep it authentic by only putting up the reviews of the equipment we use or recommend, we also have a “general use” criteria, meaning we try and avoid one trick pony effects or make sure to state the tonal boundaries. That being said, we can’t stress enough how versatile this little quality pedal is. (We’ll be uploading an audio demo of the pedal very soon where this text excerpt is so make sure to check back if you want to hear how the pedal sounds in effect!)

 So if you’re in the market for a compression pedal we highly recommend checking out this very awesome pedal from the team at Keeley Electronics! As always, thanks for reading and until next time fellow Gear Snobs!

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