Kevin Blake Goodwin – Exclusive Interview

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No, we’re not working on our comic book annotations, today we have the privilege of speaking with Kevin Blake Goodwin! A modern acoustic musician who is making big strides for himself across the acoustic realm and music community as a whole.

GS – Gear Snobs

Blake – Kevin Blake Goodwin

GS: Why do you use the guitars you use(Ex:Ibanez over Schecter etc)? And if you are brand bias, how long have you been using that brand and what made you switch?

Blake: I’m not particularly brand bias, I use the instrument that’s relevant to the song or situation. There’s always a special place in my heart for Stonebridge Guitars, that was my first sponsorship when I met them in 2015 in Canada, they’re local and make excellent quality instruments. 

GS: Tell us a bit about your signal path for your rig!

Blake: Axe FX XL + 2 straight to PA, Strymon MIDI board controlling presets, 8 and 7 string, S7G for 8, Vellone is the 7 string.


GS: What gear do you consider a holy grail(something you can’t really get on a whim even with the cash, like Dimebags original ML with lightning bolts or Princes guitar)?

Blake: Oh man! A Vintage LA 2A Studio Compressor for sure!

GS: What musicians are your most notable influences that affect your playing/writing?

 Blake: Jason Richardson is the one of the only guitar players other than Tosin that is equally balanced with technique and melody. Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders has been the foundation of my turning point with guitar, especially technicality, I’ve actually taken several lessons from him in person and try to remain a student to this day! As for the influence of finger style, definitely learned from the Fretmonkey crew.

GS: What age did you start playing guitar?

Blake: I have musicians in my immediate family play music so I’ve always had instruments around me, when I was 7 years old had been given first set of drums and electric guitar. Played music adamantly since that time.

GS: Do you use a lot of music theory in your writing?

Blake: To get out of some spots, if I get stuck I’ll use my knowledge of theory to get back in my mode of writing with my ear, because I prefer to write with my ear and feel what I’m playing.

GS: What music do you listen to when you’re not writing your own?

Blake: Arch Echo fusion prog metal band, Owane, The Contortionist, Hans Zimmer – Interstellar OST, Inception OST, Move Orchestra, and more haha

GS: What are you working on lately?

Blake: I’m working on my album right now! All I have out is an acoustic EP out so I’m putting out a full length album. A double sided album, one electric guitar playing, the other acoustic guitar playing. We’ll be in the mixing phase in the next two months, then shooting music videos to illustrate the story of the album. We’re hoping to have everything wrapped up by October 2017. I’m writing this music to be a movie, where the listener is heavily involved.

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It was a pleasure speaking with Mr. Goodwin and getting him away from his hard work to bother him with some of our questions so, big thanks to him and the FretMonkey Crew, and thanks to those of you reading! Until next time fellow Gear Snobs!

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