A fan favorite returns with a new look

Well… at the time I’m writing this the SDD-3000 pedal has been discontinued but there’s plenty floating around the used market and who is to say they might not be reintroduced? Maybe re-envisioned once more? Nonetheless, this amazing pedal deserves our attention, new or old, production models or not, when we find some useful gear, we have to let you all know about it.

This pedal holds true to the old units so maybe re-envisioning isn’t the right term but brought back so to speak. First introduced as the new iteration of the original rack mount delay unit, the KORG SDD-3000, this pedal boasts the same tonal boundaries and the same authentic delay sounds, from convincing analog swells to my personal favorite, the “Kosmic” setting, this unit is ready to do what you need and then some.


The inspiration for the name SDD-3000 is actually taken from a fraction of the possibilities this unit provides… actually not but regardless, with so many useful functions you could be fooled if I told you otherwise!

The tools at your disposal

A “Save” function allows you to overwrite any existing bank with your own created settings. 8 different delay types give you the tonal palette you need for any gig and then some. As I mentioned above the “Kosmic” setting is my personal favorite but the first setting, “SDD-3000” is an excellent staple of utility and practicality. The “Pitch” type is something you may not use often but if you experiment with the pitch

An input and output attenuator allow you the versatility to work straight with an instrument, PA, or other audio equipment. Stereo in and out capabilities keep your lush signal intact and allow for the ambient sound-scaping or doubling settings to take full effect. True bypass allows you to call on the tools you need when you need them, note though, this particular Delay unit is highly sought after for the preamp that gives a unique coloration to your tone(whether the effect is on or bypassed).

Some other notable features to mention are: 

A total of 80 programs available(40 programs via 2 channels)

MIDI In/Out(Thru)

Ducking (When the input signal is too high the effect will be automatically lowered to emphasize the original tone.)

Delay Times from 1 millisecond to a maximum of 4,000 milliseconds 

The ability to create flanger, chorus, vibrato, double and doppler effects

Expression pedal jack allows you to control multiple parameters simultaneously 

A true revival, this pedal version recreates the original circuit of the 1982 original SDD-3000 rack mount delay unit

Overall this unit is most definitely a beautiful thing, if you can find one new or one in good condition they come with their own power supply ready to go out of the box. The existing presets are an excellent place to start when learning about this pedal but the pedal itself is very easy to maneuver and you can easily dial in tones to your taste once your comfortable. Some unique functions to this pedal would be the “Waveform Shape” which you can reference the manual for any help, “Key Lock” function, which is a simple process, press this once so that any accidental adjustments are negated, toggle once more when you’re ready to change your settings, “Headroom” and a couple other things, some we’ve already mentioned, such as the Preamp and how it’s always on.

Watch our brief demonstration below where we show just a couple of the factory presets in the KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay pedal. Make sure to share this article and video, subscribe to our YouTube channel thanks for reading, and until next time Gear Snobs!

The order of the presets are as follows:

5A – 5B – 2A – 2B – 14B – 14A – 4A – 4B

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