The latest addition to the Helix core family – and could it be the most innovative member yet? 

It’s no secret that the Line 6 Helix units have multiple uses beyond traditional guitar and bass applications, but now they’ve put these same capabilities amps, effects, and all, packed neatly into one versatile plug in, Helix Native. Creating endless possibilities for re-amping, signal routing, and general application on anything you can record into your DAW.

Important things to mention about Helix Native:

Compatible with AAX, AU, and VST3 platforms

Identical amp, cab, and effects as the hardware units in a versatile plug-in form

More than 60 amp models featuring iconic amps spanning multiple years and genres in addition to Line 6’s very own original models

Over 100 effects models ready to take your recorded tracks to the next level

Load your favorite 3rd party Impulse Responses for a whole new realm of possibilites

Welcoming your new family member

Downloading, installing, and activating the software is quick and simple. I downloaded, booted up and ran it on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 in under 30 minutes. If you already own the Helix then you’ll feel right at home with the exception of a few features we’ll discuss later. If you’re new to the Helix core family then get ready to understand the renown of Line 6’s user friendly interfaces.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 7.09.01 AM

Simple and intuitive, kind of like good music right? Well that’s exactly what you can expect when using Native, with the capability to load more than 15 effects at a time in total on a variable of up to 4 different signal paths this plug-in may have you creating new excuses and ideas just to see how far you can push it! Sound fun? Good! If you get lost at anytime or find yourself wanting some points of reference you can click the Helix logo at the bottom of the plug-in to find(and download if you don’t have them already) stock Presets from Line 6 that are excellent starting points and blueprints to creating your own soundscapes.

final note

For years Line 6 has made quality hardware and software at affordable prices available to the masses, going all the way back to “POD Farm” which propelled multiple generations of musicians into recording and performing, this company has always had the user in mind. With the introduction of the Helix core family they’re not only keeping in line with producing top quality tools, but they’re creating a new standard in customer service. What am I getting at? Well, knowing that Line 6 isn’t charging anyone for any previous or future updates, that they’re not charging per “effect pack”, and that they’re actively online in multiple communities across the internet, reading and responding to every user they possibly can… that’s a feeling that gives the phrase Helix core family merit, so in short I could have just said; you’re gonna get lots of awesome updates and customer service for free, but hey I get a little hyped to see companies care about their communities. Thank you so much for reading this and if you haven’t already downloaded and installed Native GO NOW!!!! Stay tuned for our onslaught of audio and video demos we’ll be uploading soon and until next time fellow Snobs!

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