make sure your tone packs a punch

If you aren’t familiar with Impulse Responses, please read here first, if you’re already familiar with them, let’s begin.

The OwnHammer Heavy Hitters Volume 1 Collection brings you high quality IR’s in ready to go formats for hardware and software such as; Line 6 modelers, Fractal modelers, Kemper profilers, Two Notes Audio, and more.

Responses designed from industry giants like Diezel, Marshall, Mesa, and Orange, will provide you with the crushing tone you need for today’s modern metal.

OwnHammer V4_HHC-MES

an artist is only as good as the tools they use

Whether you believe that or not, a couple things are true; having more than one tool is always a good thing, having tools that work with more than one piece of equipment is a better thing, and having all these tools at your disposal tightly organized and ready to go is one of the best things. OwnHammer worked diligently to bring you all of these positive aspects, with all your files ready to unzip and load in the only thing you need to do is find out which particular mixture of microphones and placement you like. Although that’s and easy ending there, this is probably a daunting and arduous task for any musicians with OCD such as myself because the time you’ll spend with each and every combination, or rather, just trying each combination, is a timely task, but one that rewards those who seek to inform themselves and learn more about their tools and craft. If you’re the type to load up the first IR you see that you can load into your unit, then try it for a couple minutes, and try the next 5 on the first page you’re not doing it right. You have to try “at least” one IR from each speaker combination, microphone combination, and microphone placement before you start to get a real understanding of how broad of a palette you now have to work with.

breathing new life

That’s an accurate description of how I felt when I found the IR’s I use now for my daily riffage. Some of the issues people have with stock cabinets within most modelers is a dull or flat feeling or sound, while these terms and experiences are completely subjective, several users note a different dynamic and feel between IR’s and stock cabinets making it something worth checking out yourself.

If you want to test the waters with a free sample from the awesome team at OwnHammer make sure to check out our article and review of their free Mesa response here! We highly recommend OwnHammer IR’s in general and this pack specifically for any guitar tone that has a decent amount of gain, but tell us what applications you use it for! Thank you so much for reading and until next time fellow Gear Snobs!

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