Your next “go-to” distortion pedal?

When we first plugged this pedal in we were surprised by how smooth and clear the break up was. One of the next things we noticed is that this pedal can take you from bluesy low gain lead to saturated metal chug and everywhere in between! This pedal features 4 knobs and a switch. As you guessed the Distortion knob controls how distorted the signal gets while the Level knob controls the overall output. The other two knobs are where things start to get interesting. Unlike most distortion pedals you get to control the amount of Low end and High end your signals gets, making the pedal extremely versatile. But wait theres more, do you prefer a slightly different bass response? Just flip the switch to completely change how the pedal responds to the low end!


Gain, Level, Bass and Treble controls

Switchable Bass response

True Bypass

Make sure to check out the demo videos below!!



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