Smooth Sailing

Whether you just bought your Apple computer or you just decided to start working with your computer, here are some simple and helpful tips so you can optimize your system, and possibly for other programs as well!

Starting steps!

Start small but start where it counts! Your start up applications! Whether you turn your system completely off or just put it to sleep there’s no need for start up programs you’re not using, so any auto update or application services can be disabled in “Users & Groups” and “Login Items”, it’s up to you to remove what you know you don’t need there. This will lighten the load so you don’t have background services running.

Then we’ll address the power section, go to “Energy Saver” in “Settings” first check “Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off”, then make sure the “Put hard disks to Sleep when possible” is NOT checked, you don’t want or need your hard disks to go to sleep at any point during your use of recording or editing software/hardware. If and when you’re doing any editing of any kind you should always try to be plugged in to a power source so the system can operate with no interruptions or inefficiencies. Since this is a time where you may choose to audition for a long period of time it’s a good opportunity to make sure your display only turns off after 30 minutes or however the longest duration of time is that you think you may idle so there’s no interruptions in the USB communication or software. If you’re using a MacBook it’s a good idea to also check “Show battery status in menu bar” so you can keep an eye on your juice!

Final Cuts

So these last few tips will be a little less detrimental to the strain of the CPU but still worth mentioning and keeping in mind.

If you haven’t read about “FileVault” yet or read the disclaimers this feature actually weighs down a bit on your computer so disabling this will help certain DAWs perform smoother.

Assuming you won’t be surfing the web during your work you should be pretty safe to turn your Wi-Fi off on your computer, which cuts off services that are always running in the background otherwise, services that may be difficult to shut down manually then remember to restart without issue, so just turn off your Wi-Fi for that little extra bit of relief on your CPU.

Please be mindful of all this information here and proceed step by step if it helps! Take what can be useful and use it, disregard what’s! If you have any tips for fellow readers please share in our “Community Submissions” section! I hope this article helps lighten the load on your CPU and certain methods, different name or the same, can be applied to PC’s as well. Thank you so much for reading, make sure to share this with a friend and find us across your preferred social media platforms! Until next time fellow Gear Snobs!!

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