Patron Exclusive – Line 6 Helix Preset Pack 1

unwrapping your first batch of perks!

We’re very excited to announce our first batch of perks for our Patrons, particularly our users that own a Line 6 Helix!!

With this Preset Pack 1 Patrons get immediate access to:

32 revamped presets based of “Setlist 1” factory presets; with snapshots set up, individual stomps, and more!

Our Patron exclusive, “Metronome!”, preset that’s the perfect preset to practice your chops with… ON TIME, with synth chords programmed in so you can solo over some progressions while you practice as well!

Another Patron exclusive, “Jam Band” which allows you to use your Helix unit to jam with up to 4 different musicians or devices simultaneously; vocals, guitar, bass, and drums(drum machine, 1/4 from mixing board, etc)

Our “Fatality” amp model “Re-Amp presets”(left and right) so you’re only ever a few clicks away from heavy!

As well as our Premium demo presets;  you may watch or see demos of certain amps or effects and while we do make certain presets available for free to the community, our Patrons get exclusive access to our Premium presets(Patron Exclusive) which have more attention to detail on all aspects, snapshots, parameters, and one on one adjustments if you’d like us to tailor the tones any further.

All these presets along with all the free community presets and the rest of your perks sound like a good start so far!

So please share this article with your friends and if you’d like to get involved with us and help decide the direction of our content in the foreseeable future, click here to pledge to our Patreon today!!

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