Line 6 Helix Community Member Presets

General Info

This page will serve as a general information hub for every community member and contributing member to consult before downloading any Presets for the Line 6 Helix.

Please make sure you’ve read how to optimize your Line 6 Helix unit. I’ve set these presets up in “Snap/Stomp” mode, so you’ll get the most use out of the presets using the same settings. We also assigned each spacial/modulation/time effect to it’s own foot-switch. Each preset will have 4 Snapshots ready to go, some may have bonus snapshots if you look for them. Click here to download the available community presets.

These presets were created at unity gain(big volume knob all the way up).

There will be release notes available for each preset pack and details of the methods and equipment used; guitar, tuning, etc.

“ReAmp” presets will be already set up with the input assigned to USB, also note that “ReAmp” presets do not have snapshots assigned as they are designed for recording purposes not live situations.

All free “community presets” will be made with stock cabinets and no external pedals outside of the Helix’ capabilities so that you can be as close to the demonstrated tones as possible, please do note the equipment used for each preset though as the pickups used vary across the guitars used but Guitar PAD is always ON.

These notes pertain to any users of our presets for the Line 6 Helix. If you’re not a contributing member to our Patreon please visit the site and consider becoming a Patron today for access to our Premium/Patron Exclusive Presets, that are fine tuned even further.

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