Line 6 Helix Patron Exclusive Preset Pack – Fatal

Fatal Preset Pack – six presets to die for

This Patron exclusive preset pack includes 5 presets based around the Line 6 original Fatal Amp;

GS Fatal Class A  – “Thrashy” metal tone.

GS Fatal Class B – Modern metal tone with low gain.

GS Fatal ClassB2 – The same settings as Class B but with more gain.

GS Fatal Clean – A diverse clean preset with plenty of effects loaded in, a pleasant surprise for sure.

GS Fatal L ReAmp and GS Fatal R ReAmp – Left and Right ReAmp presets ready to process your DI tracks into a crushing heavy tone.

This preset pack was created using an Ibanez RG7PCMLTD with 10 gauge Ernie Ball, stock DiMarzio PAF7’s, Drop A Tuning, Guitar PAD ON. 

This preset pack is available exclusively to our contributing Patrons, you can try the “GS Fatal Class A” here, otherwise please consider becoming a Patron today if you’d like immediate access to this preset pack and over 64 other presets(with more coming each month)!


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