Axe of Creation: Chords from the Deep (8 String Chord Voicings)

What’s going on everyone!? Welcome to another installment of Axe of Creation here at the wonderful Gear Snobs. This month, we will be looking how into ways of exploring chords on those wonderfully extended range guitars.  First up, 8 strings chord voicings (standard tuning)…

8 String Voicings: Standard Tuning

As a fan of chords, I love searching out and discovering all sorts of new voicings. I love 7th and 9th chords. I also love mixing in open strings when I can, they add a nice texture or timbre to the overall voicing. Plus, I find open strings helps connect larger chords across 7 or 8 strings. Our chord progression is as follows: F – Bb – Dm – C. Let’s check out the full voicings then we’ll look how I got to these voicings. As you can see, there are some string skips and left-hand muting to really make these chords clean. I enjoy these types of lush chords and the clashes found between open strings and the extended harmonies (7ths and 9ths).

AOC_GS_Oct 2

Now let’s look at how I got to these chords. I arrived at the F chord from an old favorite, that Cadd9 in open position. If you slide that voicing up to 7th position, you’ll find yourself playing an F chord. Go ahead and strum these back and forth. You’re welcome. Let’s take that open G string and drop it down into the lower range and boom. Tricky fingering, watch out! Next, we’ll find a simple Bb triad. We can add the 9th (C) then drop the root down to the 8th string and add the #11 (E). Dm is next and as you can see, we start with a simple open position chord. Then you’ll see a nice closed voicing Dm9 chord, one of my favorites and overused chords! Now let’s spread it out, place the root (D) on the 7th string, move the 9th (E) to the open string. Finally, we have a C triad. Following a similar process to the Dm chord, we can add the 9th then spread it out! Boom, beautiful lush 8 string chords!

AOC_GS_Oct 1

That wraps up part one of our October lessons. I hope these voicings inspire you to find and create new chords of your own. In Part 2, we will look at more 8 string chord voicing but in drop tuning (Drop E).

13483187_868947283235087_6689828817923588477_oGregory Arthur is Axe of Creation, a Gear Snob, and a Father of Two. He challenges you to become uncomfortable with yourself in attempts to gain a new perspective. Never give your energy away to what you’re not. Focus on what resonates within you and bring forth in creation. 

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