Axe of Creation: 7 String Chord Voicings (Drop A Tuning)

What’s going on everyone!? Welcome to another installment of Axe of Creation here at the wonderful Gear Snobs. This month, we will be looking how into ways of exploring chords on those wonderfully extended range guitars.  This month, we look at some Drop A voicings for 7 string.

7 String Voicings: Drop A Tuning

As a fan of chords, I love searching out and discovering all sorts of new voicings. Last month, we looked at incorporating some extended harmony (7ths and 9ths) into our chords. This month, I’d like to look at some dense and lush harmonies. Here are four chords we can explore. I wouldn’t put too much emphasis the naming or analysis of the chords, more of its texture and overall effect or sound. Each one of these chords will take advantage of the dropped tuning and have power chords underneath them (for thickness).


Let’s try and put these chords to use! I’ve put together a straightforward picking “riff” to explore these chords. Don’t let the time signatures throw you off, just adds some space to allow the full chords to be heard. Rhythm gives life to everything!


Well, I hope everyone has a blast explore these chords and what they inspire. I would recommend using a clean tone and a distorted tone to see how that impacts your writing.

13483187_868947283235087_6689828817923588477_oGregory Arthur is Axe of Creation, a Gear Snob, and a Father of Two. He challenges you to become uncomfortable with yourself in attempts to gain a new perspective. Never give your energy away to what you’re not. Focus on what resonates within you and bring forth in creation. 

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