new suit, new tricks

The Line 6 Helix is quickly gaining ground in the digital modeling realm and the last update(2.21) brought some really awesome effects, one being the “3 Note Generator” an effect that does exactly what it says. Three notes are generated by designated wave shapes and note parameters, allowing you to use a single note at a time, two, or three to make a nice traditional chord. Being the avid “explorer” I am, I took it upon myself to get familiar with this effect and make a pretty cool exclusive preset for our Patreon subscribers!

Check out this brief demonstration of one of the many ways you can use the 3 Note Generator in a musical context! Make sure to “Like” the video, subscribe to our channel, and share with your friends!

Note: When using either the 3 Note Generator effect of the 4 Oscillator Generator effect please be very attentive with the chords you’re making and how they affect your overall output, if you can hear, there was clipping of the audio at points due to the varying volume between chords, so make sure to set your level accordingly! 

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