Dear User

Okay well, this is really a message from “us” but, anyways. This is just a friendly message and reminder to all musicians using amp modelers or effects units.

As an avid user of the Line 6 Helix I find myself venturing endlessly at time through all the tonal possibilities, well, trying to explore them all, and if you’re a gigging musician, professionally or casually, you may already have your go to preset.

the “real” you

So you have your new amp modeler now and you’re a big hot shot huh? What ever happened to you though? The “real” you? Okay totally kidding but in all our excitement and consumption we can easily forget where we come from, or rather, how we sound stripped down, just you, your guitar, amp and cabinet. The thing is though, if you’re using a higher end modeler and not occasionally using a “practice setting” you’re kind of cutting yourself short of all the advancements in technology that allows the simulations to respond and feel so well, akin to real amps.

Now obviously your final, prettied up tone, will sound better and feel “best”, but! Taking a step back every once in a while, even if it’s just to practice, can remind you of that more “organic” feel, and even make it easier for you to tell where you’re struggling in your playing, maybe your biggest obstacle isn’t completing your next cover or lesson, maybe it’s time for some reflection on your execution.

In any case, this is just a friendly reminder to take a deep breath every once in a while and visit square one and find out how much further you’ve come or if it’s time to dial in your practice preset, grab a metronome, and head to the Lesson section over on our site, and this message can be applied even if you don’t have an amp modeler; strip the effects and post processing and find time to jam intimately here and there. Thanks for reading, if you found this funny or helpful make sure to share with your friends and until next time fellow Gear Snobs!

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